Booking Terms and Conditions

Each property will have it's own house rules. in instances where there are no rules, the following rules will apply:

I agree to be bound by the following House Rules. (Breaches of these rules may result in the forfeiture of any breakage deposit held, and/or eviction, with refunds at the sole discretion of management.

1) Please note that when we refer to a “guest” &/or “guests” in these rules, we are referring to all the Occupants of an apartment. All guests are jointly & severally liable for the actions of any and all guests in each apartment. This means that, if one of the guests in an apartment causes damage and/or Breaches the house rules, all guests in that apartment will be evicted forthwith.

2) No excess noise (from radios, televisions, doors slamming, voices, etc) is to be made at any time within the apartment, grounds and, in particular, the lobbies when returning to the apartment late at night.After 10:00pm, no noise is to be audible outside the apartment. If necessary, close doors and windows to ensure this.

3) Shouting or other loud noises from doors, balconies or windows is not permitted at any time. Management reserves the right to confiscate any item that is used to make excessive noise, such as docking stations, vuviselas etc. and furthermore management have the right to terminate your occupancy immediately

4) Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any common areas unless authorized by the property in designated areas e.g. bar, restaurant.

5) No parties whatsoever are permitted in any apartment

6) For security reasons, only registered guests are permitted entry to the building.

7) For security reasons, please DO NOT allow access to the building to any person who you CANNOT PERSONALLY identify as a registered guest in the building.

8) Unregistered guests in the building between 8pm and 8am will be escorted from the premises immediately, and could be charged with trespassing. Guests who deliberately hide non guests in theirroom will be evicted.

9) No item is to be thrown or dropped from any balcony, door or window – either accidentally or on purpose. Failure to comply with this rule will not only result in the eviction of all the occupants of the apartment and you will be held liable for all damages

10) No clothing, bedding or any other article shall be hung or draped from the balconies, doors, windows, or on the outside of the building. (Airing racks provided may be used on the balcony.)

11) NO GLASS BOTTLES OR PRODUCTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE APARTMENT or ANY COMMONAREAS. If glass bottles are found, they, and their contents, will be confiscated. (This is for your safety and the safety of other guests.)

12) Careless or wilful misuse of, or damage to, lifts, fire equipment or any other part of the building, will result in immediate eviction, a possible fine and criminal charges. No more than seven peopleare permitted in a lift at any one time. Should the lift break down, requiring the call out of a repairman,and that repairman advises us the break down was a result of overloading and/or misuse, the guest/s responsible will be held accountable.

13) For security reasons, all doors and windows are to be securely fastened when the apartment is left unattended. Management reserves the right to enter the apartment to fasten the same, if necessary.

14) Lost Matric Rage ID tags will incur a replacement fee.

15) Lost keys will incur a replacement fee.

16) The building facilities, including swimming pools, sauna and spas, shall be used only between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm. (Please note that these hours can be changed at Management’s discretion). No drinks or food are to be taken into the indoor pool area or within the gated area of the outdoor pool unless provided by the property.

17) To avoid additional cleaning charges, all guests are required to keep and leave the apartment in a good condition and, on check-out remove all rubbish and ensure all dishes are washed and put away. Any damage or breakages are to be reported immediately to Reception. All damage and or breakages are to be paid for by the responsible persons, or will bededucted from the breakage deposit .

18) All rubbish must be put in the bags provided. All rubbish must be removed from the apartment daily and on departure.

19) Housekeeping Services over and above the standard exit clean will incur an additional cleaning fee, which will be deducted from the breakage deposit . Please see reception for list of cleaning fees.